either a jacket or a "slim-fit jersey" -- but not both

Reviewed by brassycle from southeastern Pennsylvania on Thursday, January 7, 2016
Head's up on the sizing: the small does, indeed, measure 35" ... at the height of the armpits. From there, as the video suggests, it tapers down -- to 29" below the ribs. The sleeves provide outright compression, particularly around my elbows, where my forearms measure 10" in circumference.

So if you, like me, had (neon!) visions of this less for "slim-fit jersey" use and more for its hi-vis "windproof jacket" properties, you may want to size up to fit *any* layers underneath -- even skintight wicking tops.

Or, as one of the labels elaborates in its first bullet point: "great stretching and shape recovering capacity!"

(Five bullet points later, it also claims "does not sweel [sic] in water." I don't know about the many other languages on display in the tags, but English seems a second language to Nalini's marketing department :)

Otherwise, full marks on the manufacturing; and hat tip to Sierra Trading Post for scoring such a tremendously well-made, feature-packed product! I foresee rolling the collar down to cover the gaps on the tops of the shoulders in order to keep rain from dripping down inside; but for dry weather, the sleeves do zip and conceal with particular ingenuity. Clever Italians!
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