The Best Sunglasses Ever

Reviewed by JD Of NSC from Boston on Tuesday, April 4, 2017
I have tried Smith, Maui Jim, and Sunglass Hut premium sunglasses and hands down Native Eastrim is superior to all of them.
The nose cushions are adjustable for perfect fit on your bridge, they are so comfortable, and they never slip no matter how sweaty you are or how active you are. The brown polarized lenses control glare better than any lens I've tried and produce a warm soothing coloration that especially intensifies greens and reds. Mine are 4 years old now, still do not have a scratch and I have never gone this long w/o destroying my lenses so the durability is incredible. The temple pieces adhere to you w/o being noticed or too compressive so the glasses just never move on your face no matter what you do while you forget you are even wearing them. They ventilate well so I never have a fogging problem unless I leave them in the car on a sub-freezing night so then I blow on them for a few seconds to warm them up and they are good. I like brown polarized the best because brown removes just the excess blue of cloudy days and shade so that you see more naturally and with better contrast detail in shady areas and they are perfect for cloudy days too. I bicycle a lot and using gray sunglasses when you get into shaded areas is like riding blind because the gray traps equally as much red and green from the excess blue of shade so you see almost nothing with any contrast and when riding your bike, this can be dangerous for your safety. Native makes their superb brown lenses available on most of their lines.
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