Colors NOT as pictured by STP, + Sizing inconsistent

Reviewed by DIYfam from Newtown Square, PA on Thursday, December 8, 2016
I bought 2 pairs and neither of the colors was as shown. Both were lighter than shown, and the "smoke" were really blue-toned, which is not at all what is depicted (it is definitely a blue-based color, while a black-based color is what is shown). All other items I received in my order (7 others) matched what STP shows online, so this is not a monitor issue for me since it was only these items not matching.

Additionally, the sizing was off between pairs. The gray ("smoke") color pair was about a inch wider in the waist than the olive color ("reclaimed earth"), despite the fact that these were both the same size. An inch on the waist is a full size difference for most manufacturers. Very annoying because I have no way of knowing which was the correct version, but if they're all inconsistent then there is no standard version anyway.

For reasons of color being off, and sizing being inconsistent, I needed to return these. Had they been as pictured/anticipated, I would have happily kept them, but they were shades lighter than shown, and sizing was wacked.

I emailed STP customer service, to be sure to point this out so they could make any necessary corrections to photos or descriptions, and also for my return shipping to be refunded. They did neither, which is obnoxious. Thoroughly disappointed.
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