Fire Arrow F1 is Top Nordica Boot Product

Reviewed by BMW from Columbus Ohio on Thursday, February 13, 2014
Excellent Product for "Expert" (and heavy advanced) Skiers'. 100cm forefoot makes it slightly more comfortable than those use to Very Stiff Flex Narrow 98cm racing boots. My foot is "Normal" not "Narrow" so I'm still testing the "fit" for my foot vs. the one step down Nordica Transfire 102cm very comfortable fit. While I've not skied these boots I've spent hours researching the reviews on YouTube. Fire Arrow is the Top Nordica product line with the F2 through F4 versions each slightly softer. For those advanced/heavy skiers with a slightly wider foot OR who seek/need more forefoot comfort in 102cm then look at the "Transfire" version of this boot. I advise anyone seriously considering these boots to view the online YouTube videos for more information.