What size to buy? 25", 21", etc.?

Reviewed by Write Revise Edit from New York on Tuesday, December 6, 2016
I ordered this Olympia Aerolite Spinner Suitcase for my bf. He travels for work and the handle on his last spinner suitcase broke. The trouble I had was: What size to buy? 25", 21", etc.? I'll say this. The 25" is pretty big. As in too-big-to-be-allowed in an overhead compartment, I'm pretty sure. I should've sized down. However, it's sturdy, spins nicely and is a decent color. I didn't have much of a choice, as it was on clearance, so I had to go with Olive. It'll stand out and luckily my man's not that macho. Otherwise I'd say it's a little girly in person. NOTE: If you can measure the one you're replacing, do it. If you can't? I'd suggest opting for a 21". At nearly two-feet it should be big enough to fit what you need to, be versatile and still fit in an overhead so you can carry it on (though I'm no steward). Another feature worth looking into is expandability.