Very Nice

Reviewed by Jon from Vermont on Monday, June 30, 2014
This is a very nice piece of equipment, but it's different from any other carabiner I have seen. First of all, it's pretty big. It's challenging to get it through some fairly common hardware. A Petzl quickdraw runner makes it on there, but it took some work. It does clear a SMC Escape 8 just fine. Second of all, the autolock turns clockwise and the gate is offset to the right (with the carabiner oriented hinge down, gate facing away from you). This makes actuating the auto lock mechanism with your right hand when the 'biner's back is against your palm very natural-- it works smoothly, even with heavy gloves on (I am using this as part of a structural firefighting personal escape system, and I can actuate the auto lock easily even with wet firefighting gloves on). The distinctive shape makes it easy to orient by touch alone, gloves-on. If you are operating this left handed, I would imagine that you are in for a little struggle. This piece turned out to be ideal for my application, but I'd advise buyers to consider if a large, right-handed, asymmetrical design like this suits their intended use.
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“Not sure what I think....this asymmetrical carabiner may be great for personal anchors and/or belaying (for right-handed folks), but maybe not so good for top rope anchors or any use where you'd want to grab it with either hand"” Next Review