Unpleasant surprise

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Active Mommy from Wisconsin on Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Great design, and very well made; material is durable and should serve us well for a long time.
Downside: MUCH smaller than I was expecting for the claim of a 16c capacity. Being skeptical, I measured out 16c of food (we are feeding a small-piece kibble food, so it packs in very well) and it filled the bag completely - how on earth to get the top closed is beyond me!! 14 c of food still left me wary of how securely the top was closed, even when clipped. 12c to a scant 13 c allowed for a proper, single roll-down of the top seams to clip and form a secure closure.
Consensus: I can fit 12c in it and still close the bag securely and comfortably.
Other than the capacity dispute - wonderfully designed bag w/ solid construction. I have a 6mo old Chesapeake, so a 'full' bag will last a weekend away, but for anyone with a smaller dog, or even a large adult dog on lower feeding intervals, this product would suffice just fine.
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