Great support, very sturdy

Reviewed by Amber from Colorado on Sunday, March 25, 2018
I never had Chaos before but needed something with toe protection and a very sturdy sole with arch support thanks to some injuries. They are essentially hiking boot soles with water shoe uppers. Very grippy and deep lugs. Great rubberized toe protection. They have foamy mesh on most of the upper. It breathes well and dries fast, but I think there are other mesh materials on other Chaco models that do those things a little better (just from looking at other models, but I haven't worn others). The closure works well and if the little plastic part breaks (as other reviewers have mentioned) it'd be easy to replace with something else. I can wear them all tightened up or loose and don't get any blisters. I wear barefoot or with normal thickness socks comfortably. You can only see your feet poking through on the side. I haven't had trouble with sand and rocks getting stuck in the shoe, but I've only been in a few bodies of water so far. Recommended for hiking, kayaking, beaches, and as a general summer shoes.
The only con I have so far is that the foot bed is quite sticky when I sweat...but that might just be me and maybe it'll get better with time. The insoles are not removable for orthotics.
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