I want to love them...

Reviewed by Ryan from WNY on Saturday, December 26, 2015
I love the fabric, the features, and the quality. I can't live with how they fit though...

I am about 5'11" / 205lbs / 36" waist / 32" inseam and I found the XL to WAY too long and extremely baggy in the lower-leg. I know they need to be a little bigger to go around a boot, but if I ever found a pair of boots that were as wide as the leg openings, I'm fairly sure that I wouldn't be able to walk in them...

I also purchased a size L and the waist is a little snug, but would work, but again they are way too long! I don't think that the lower legs are excessively large in this size, but I will be walking all over these if I wear anything other than ski boots. While I am looking at these primarily for skiing, I will use them for all my winter time activities that I want to stay warm and dry. They need to be at least 3" shorter for me not walk on them (Bogs/Muck type boots, or even my insulated hiking style winter boots).

First of all the "touch" of the external fabric is fantastic. It is not slippery and plastic like. It doesn't make a ton of noise while you're walking, and feels like it will be durable enough for years of use. Of course there is Gore-tex underneath to keep you dry and keep the pants breathable. The fleece-like insulation is soft and just thick enough to provide some warmth and comfort. They feel great against bare legs if it is warm enough to wear shorts.

I love the removable bib portion, but if you have much of a belly or wear a lot of layers, it will probably be a bit troublesome to keep the "belly band" attached as there is only one plastic snap and a strip of velcro. I have "thick" thighs and I find that even the upper legs have adequate room even in the size large, but those with skinnier legs will probably think that these are too baggy. I like the front pockets and the zip access to whatever you are wearing as an underlayer. I have lost track of how many times that I left my cell phone in my front pocket of my pants and them put on my ski pants... No issue at all with these pants as it only requires me to unzip a zipper on whichever hip I need access to. The back pocket and thigh pocket are a nice touch as well.

I also love that these have thigh vents, but I do wish that they had mesh across the vents... No one wants to see my hairy thighs sticking out of my ski pants on the warm days when I'm wearing shorts!! I was initially concerned that there are no zippers in the lower legs, but as mentioned above, the lower legs are wide enough that it will not be a problem to get these over any type of boot that I can imagine. I do wish they had some way to cinch the lower legs though, then I wouldn't be walking on them.

Bottom line:
They are killer pants and I wish that I could keep them. They are just too long!

Picture description:
One shot is without foorwear. I wear a size 10, and you can barely see my socks. The other shot shows how my boots do not prevent the cuff from making contact with the ground. These a Bogs/Muck types boots and there is almost 2" of cuff under my heel.
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