“Are these shorts padded or do they have an insert?”

Asked by Steady strider from Georgia on 10/13/2015 3:32:30 PM
  • They have an insert. The shorts themselves are not padded. I had to buy a bigger insert for these small shorts, because the insert was too small, but the shorts fit great. I love the shorts, they feel great and with my new liner insert, perfect! Good Luck!
    Answered on 10/13/2015 3:43:30 PM by Cheryl from Colorado
  • They have a chamois, it's a pair of tight shorts (MUCH tighter than the outer shorts) and they are removable. They hook on to the outer shorts on the inside on each side with a clip
    Answered on 10/13/2015 3:58:46 PM by trailwarrior from Denver
  • There are a pair of spandex shorts (see through) that snap inside. Where the spandex shorts are padded, but the outside shorts are not.
    Answered on 10/13/2015 5:01:40 PM by outdoor girl from Chimacum
  • The shorts are not padded, but come with a separate insert that is padded. The insert can be attached the short with a button and easily removed. The shorts can be worn with or without the padded insert. The insert runs very small... even the M short , which is big on me, the insert is small. But I love the short for hiking and riding my bike when I don't need an insert.
    Answered on 10/13/2015 5:11:35 PM by CLG from Co
  • I don't understand the difference. Please explain. Thank you, Gayda.
    Answered on 10/13/2015 6:44:30 PM by Gayda The Cyclist from Las Vegas, NV
  • The Pearl Izumi Canyon shorts have a removable inner liner that is padded.
    Answered on 10/13/2015 6:52:19 PM by Cadyhill from Vermont
  • These shorts do have an insert. The padded part can be removed from the women's version of these shorts. I found them to be extremely comfortable in every way. I'm 67 and my husband and I bicycled 700 miles last summer, camping along the way.
    Answered on 10/20/2015 8:05:22 PM by Nancy from Wisconsin