Sticky band at top of arm uncomfortable

Verified Buyer Reviewed by pkp from Chicago on Monday, December 12, 2016
These are snug, arm warmers that come from wrist to upper half of upper arm--nice coverage. On a 20 degree day with a brisk north wind, they did do their arm-warming job adequately. They seemed to be slipping by the end of the excursion. Those slightly sticky bands on the top of such products are just not my favorite, even though their utility is understandable. I have a pair of SmartWool arm warmers which don't slip, and the natural fabric is more comfortable to me--that's simply a preference, and not necessarily a reflection on this product. The other pertinent dilemma for you, the reader/potential buyer is to figure out whether this information applies to your body type. So the pertinent bit of info is that a former coach once described my arms as having "biceps like kneecaps on a sparrow". So if you have biceps like any larger bird than that, these may stay on your upper arms better.