Good for Cold Days

Reviewed by Chris D. from San Francisco, CA on Friday, February 26, 2016
I'm pleasantly surprised by the cut of this jacket. I've owned other PI jerseys/jackets/shorts/etc, along with Euro brands and have always been disappointed with how billowy/baggy PI items are. It's clear that PI caters more to the American physique to favor very wide midsections. This jacket is less of that PI fit and more of the Euro fit which I am happy with. I bought a Large and it fits my 40" chest fine. It's a semi-fitted form which means there is still ample room in the midsection if you have a small to moderate belly. The arms are long while standing but are perfect in the drop position. I purchased the Screaming Green for more visibility on the road and feel that it does the job well. It's not as bright as the yellow but still garners attention. The only gripe I have is the flap of fabric that covers the upper chest. The designers clearly meant for that to prevent wind from penetrating the zipper but it's a solution looking for a problem. My other winter jackets have windproof zippers that do not permeate much wind. The flap on this jacket does not do any better of a job in preventing wind; the drawback, however, is that with the zipper not fully zipped up, you now have a layer of fabric that seems extraneous.

Optimal riding temperature is between 35-55F, with the necessity of a midlayer if you're using this in the low end of that range. Otherwise, a bike jersey is fine if I'm riding in between 40F+ weather. Anything above 55-60F, this jacket will quickly become too warm (assuming you ride at a moderate pace). Overall, the streamlined fit is offset only by the cost and the extraneous flap of fabric on the chest/neck. PI came close but missed the mark by a bit.
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