I absolutely love it!

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Horsey Lady from CW Ohio on Wednesday, November 4, 2015
This is my favorite style/piece of clothing, and had been for many years. Ivory (or a few shades darker), bulky, wool-looking cable knit turtleneck. They're also very flattering to my (something about my build and coloring, maybe? Or are they flattering to everyone? heh heh) The non-wool one I've had for a few years was so hard to get over my head in both directions, I decided to try to get another one. I'm allergic to wool, so I was a little afraid to try your Merino wool version, even though Merino is supposedly hypo-allergenic (one web site says "like most wool", though.) When I took it out of its package my hands burned a bit (typical reaction to wool) but I tried putting it on over a t-shirt and the only place it bothered my skin at all was around the front of the neck seam. The T-shirt was V-neck! I put a Kleenex there and wore it for a couple of hours. No problems! No runny nose, itchy eyes, etc. (like I had all through high school where everyone's uniform but mine was wool!) I plan to keep it and wear it with a CREW neck T-shirt in the future. Should work out fine. (Maybe I'll include a picture later!)
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