Rope is shorter than you think.

Reviewed by DIYfam from PA on Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Got it with 25% off so it was a decent deal. The rope is shorter than you think. If you use this to tug with your dog, your hand will be pretty close to their mouth, and our dog doesn't like to tug from such a close distance, so the tug option I thought I'd have with this is not really there. Our 3yo lab likes to carry it around, chew it a little (more like mouthy exercise than destructive chewing), and have us throw it for him. So it is useful and he does enjoy it. The ball and the rope are decent quality too. Kind of a rubbery plastic on the ball, which he likes to clench his jaw over.

TIP: I always let new toys sit, inundated in a bowl of water + dish soap for a day before rinsing and giving them to my dog. Rope gets saturated wet but I'd rather wait for it to dry out than give our dogs unnecessary chemicals on the products.