Replacement for SmartWool PhD Run Socks? So far, yes.

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Misti from Colorado on Tuesday, December 2, 2014
I bought these for year-round, all-weather, ultra-distance trail running. I prefer merino over synthetics, and look for the thinnest sock I can find. For years I ran in SmartWool ultralight/no cushion running socks, but in recent years the durability of SmartWool socks has declined dramatically. I wear through the toes of PhD Run Socks in less than 5 runs now. Having completed my first few runs and washings (but only a few, so these results are preliminary) of these Point6 socks, I believe they are a vast improvement over the current generation of SmartWools. They are adequately thin (although thicker than ultralight SmartWools) and, as advertised, lack padding. The fiber, like other Point6 socks I have recently purchased, is denser and coarser than either comparable SmartWool or IceBreaker socks, but not uncomfortable. The coarseness makes them less slick and slippery than IceBreaker ultralight running socks (for anyone who is familiar with those). My one very minor complaint about these socks, so far, is that because they are "mini crew", as opposed to a crew sock with a bit more ankle height, they slide down a little bit on my foot when I run. However, ALL mini crew socks slide down on my ankles. This is not a flaw with Point6 in particular. As soon as STP has these socks in a crew version, I will be buying a few pairs of those.