• They're made with Symphony d2w. So, they're made to degrade when exposed to heat, light, and oxygen. The box does say not necessarily within a year, which means, to me, most likely they won't degrade within a year even in an open and well managed landfill.

    I think you'd be fine keeping them around in the box. I got two packages of them around 4 months ago, and even the ones that are just sitting on the shelf out of the box are still perfectly fine structurally.
    Answered on 5/31/2015 8:31:18 AM by Relytyelgis from Winston-Salem, NC
  • These bags feel thicker to me than some that I have used. On the box it says "made with symphony's d2w controlled life technology, to last a much shorter time in the open environment than ordinary plastic (but not necessarily less than a year)." I don't find a use by date on box.
    Answered on 5/31/2015 9:18:13 AM by Kpacific from San Diego
  • These are heavier than plastic grocery sacks and don't seem to start to fall apart when they get wet. I was so impressed with the bags I bought 300 which will last more than a year, but at this price you can't beat them.
    Answered on 6/3/2015 5:50:06 PM by Jenny from the block from Raleigh NC