A great lamp and an amazing value. . .

Reviewed by Neil from North Carolina on Wednesday, January 15, 2014
This is a great lamp. One complaint is that I wish the switches were on top of the light instead of the bottom. Either I'm trained by other lamps to feel around on top for the switch, or it is just a more intuitive location, but I sometimes have to search around to find the switches. Also, it is a little difficult to differentiate between the two settings, and this sometimes requires trial and error as well. The other complaint is that the elastic is quite stiff, and a little uncomfortable at first.

With that said, the light is very bright. Maybe not as bright as mountain bike lamps, but for hiking, camping, car or home use, it's more than enough. I actually prefer the CR123 batteries, because they are lighter, last a very long time, and do not suffer like alkaline batteries in the cold. I keep this in my vehicle's glove box mostly, although I use it night hiking as well. Overall, a very well-made unit. It feels well-made, and it has been nothing but reliable. For the price, you just can't go wrong.
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