Like strapping the Sun to your head...

Reviewed by Adam from Catskill Mountains on Monday, May 15, 2017
This is one great headlamp. It's got excellent features. One of my favorites is when turning the headlamp on, it starts on the red light LEDs; if you have to get up at oh-dark-thirty, you won't wake your tent mate. Click again? Dual white LEDs. Again? The single, ultrabright LED. And the dual LEDs are adjustable by pressing and holding the power button. The battery compartment is secured with a screw (which WILL fall out, so be careful) which can be loosened and tightened with the buckle on the head band. Battery life is acceptable, but certainly compromised by using the single UBLED. Oh, and seriously, you will night blind anyone who looks into the UBLED beam.
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