Great Value!

Reviewed by Rocky from Boulder, CO on Thursday, June 6, 2013
STP may have gotten the price wrong on this headlamp. It can be found elsewhere at twice the STP list price (before discounts). With the discount it is a really great deal. This is a heavy-duty headlamp for occasions when a very bright long-lasting light is needed, the sort of light you are glad you have when returning well after dark through bear invested woods, or worse. The low beam is the typical blue-white of LED lamps, but the high beam an incandescent yellow-white tone that seems more natural. It is really bright, the box claims the high beam extends 78 meters; the low beam is OK around camp. The lamp weighs 5 ounces without batteries and is well constructed. The band is long enough to fit on a helmet with a little stretching. The switch is simple, on low beam, off, on high beam, off, repeat. No strobe, no multiple setting for each beam. At the price I paid I feel I took advantage of the good folks at STP. Sorry.
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