Ordered Three - Kept only one

Reviewed by D. from Southeast USA on Friday, October 7, 2016
I bought one Vintage 3530 ~two years ago. I arrived looking very nice, operating sweetly, quite sharp (but needing a hone), and priced below $12 USD. I quickly ordered two more. Those arrived with many issues including poor appearance and checkering on the scales, blades off center, poor deployment and locking, and not sharpened well. I sent those back for return as cosmetically challenged and mechanically dysfunctional. This same scenario happened with two other Pumas I ordered but without keeping either of the two. The "proof of blade hardness" stamped on each knife Puma sells is a credit to the German steel quality. Although the blade is the heart of the knife there remains every thing surrounding the blade. In fairness to both STP and Puma I did order two other Pum folders that were excellent is every way - both were kept. One can never be sure about a knife ordered until it arrives, seen, and handled. Puma's SGB line is the bottom of their line. I have not ordered any of the High level hand made knives because they are higher priced (TOO high). So, one really never knows about the SGB line because they vary widely.
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