Amazing Waders

Reviewed by BlackRock from Seattle on Wednesday, October 5, 2016
These are my first breathable waders with booties. I've got about a dozen days on the river in them and love them. I spent all day fishing the Klickitat and never really broke a sweat in them. They really breath well compared to some of my other "breathable" rain gear. I'm also a short guy so I got lucky when STP had these in exactly my size. Fit is great!

I'm giving them 4 stars for a couple reasons. First are the pockets. Good pockets but they are ALL in the chest area and all overlap. So if you toss things into one pocket and then another and another before you know it you've got piles of stuff stacked on top of one another and a huge amount of bulk.

You basically have to decide what you really need with you and choose which of the pockets you are going to use. You can't really use more than two of the pockets at any one point and time without creating too much bulk. I'd have like to see a bit more lateral separation or vertical separation in the different pockets so that I could spread out the stuff I carry across my chest and more to the sides. I imagine a pack or separate bag will solve that as it's really just a minimal issue.

The second problem I had was the loop of cord tied into the strap for your forceps. I lost my forceps on day one when the cord fell out... I found them a few hours later on the shore luckily, but was annoyed that the knot from the factory was so poor it came out and nearly cost me my forceps. I tied it back on and put a real knot in them and they've been perfect since.

Overall super dry, very breathable. The socks are comfy and fit my feet well. The shoulder straps adjust perfectly and the waist belt is very comfy. I can see using these waders for many years to come.
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