“Can you use Nikwax Wash-In Waterproofing on this jacket?”

Asked by rifflefisher from Washington State on 3/26/2013 5:32:22 PM
  • The jacket is made of waterproof breathable VersiDry fabric with fully seam-sealed construction. There would be no need to use a waterproofing product.
    Answered on 3/27/2013 11:41:52 AM by Jack from Sierra Trading Post
  • You probably could use such a product, after the original finish &/or water 'resistant' under-layer fails to suffice...

    Those of us who live out and rely on these kinds of products find out early if you want to keep them in usable form to experiment to find out what works best. Can't say much about Nikwax, and apparently neither can the STP product specialist after my own questions were said to be inappropriate regarding the treatment of two jackets I bought from STP with the Nikwax I bought here. So I gave away one jacket and the other remains in the box, as-new...

    There are surface treatments for cloth that rely on a polymer spray that are supposed to help restore that 'durable water-resistant' topping that will wear off. By using the non-detergent 'nikwax-like' soap and hand-wash then rinse, hang dry, etc you could lengthen the life of the DWR coating; and when that fails to work, wash it again and while still wet from the last rinse spin-cycle in an automatic wash machine, you could try a 'wash in' waterproofing product. non-nikwax products such as an aerosol 'performance treatment' by kiwi may work, with newly cleaned clothing; as that is a polymer and does not require being washed-in...

    {The nikwax for shoes on the other hand, may not work on silicone-treated leather as it ages since the acrylic or latex in their product won't stick well.
    Or if you've used more durable products from the past on your expensive mountaineering boots containing petroleum distillate or similar chemical residue that would keep water-base latex from permeating the leather/fabric; be wary of products that seal breathable layers most completely.
    Answered on 7/5/2013 11:53:59 AM by in small town... from Kenai Mts, Alaska