Mid Rise??

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Heather Crawford from Oregon on Friday, August 5, 2016
I bought mid rise Rock & Roll jeans at my local Wilco to see what size would fit and found that 30x34 was perfect. So I ordered from STP in that size in mid rise jeans. This is my 3rd order of jeans because these are not mid rise, they're lower than that... so 30x34 don't fit. 32x34 are too big in the hind parts and 31x34 are good in the hind parts but a little snug around the waist. The quality is great, but the fit isn't mid rise. I don't know if they're seconds or a different kind of Rock & Roll jeans than what's at Wilco.
“These jeans were not mid rise, the are ultra low rise...they didn't even come past my hips. Therefore, I cannot wear them. There was no return instructions in the box, so I'm not able to return them..” Next Review