Pleased far beyond my expectations.

Reviewed by Lifetime fly fisherman, career wildlife biologist from Yuba City, CA on Tuesday, July 5, 2016
For 40$ you get a hellva rod. I have bought many as gifts for friends and family. Easy to cast, and casts smooth, far and soft. I have had 600$ sage, Scott, and G. Loomis rods so I know what quality is and have been fly fishing Northern California streams and Rivers since 10 years old. It has no glue drips, and nice little details like dots at the rod piece joints to easily line up the sections quickly and correctly the first time. This is the cheapest in their line, but still works great. By far the best fly rod bargain going and a rod worth having by any fly fisherman no matter what the experience level. It may have been made in China, but the Chinese factory and skilled workers who made it clearly know how to make rods. If you fly fish, or are interested in getting into the hobby, this is well worth buying.
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