Luv Salomon

Reviewed by Ky dude from Kentucky on Monday, August 8, 2016
This is my 8th pair of Salomons. The Wings Pro are replacing my XT Wings 3. I think these may be the best yet. I understand they are discontinued so I may buy another pair for later - they are good for about 12-18 months - then retired to casual wear. Size 13 US as usual fit great. I like the integrated tongue to help prevent debris from getting into the shoe. Sometimes the speed laces can put too much pressure on my instep - sometimes they are OK. These speed laces feel good. If that changes I cut them out and replace with traditional laces. It requires some pliers to pull apart the plastic speed lace eyelets. The shoe is still great regardless of laces. Salomons have always felt natural on my feet - foot strikes seem not to be affected by the shoe - maybe the definition of neutral? I've tried shoes from Ino-v8, Montrail, Vasque, LaSportiva and probably others I have forgotten - most all of which I purchase from STP. I can't go for the light weight shoes, although I do like the minimalist drop so I run in Hokas on the road (only way I can run distance on pavement without pain is in Hokas) but I'm too much of a tender foot and don't weigh a buck fifty like a "runner" to use minimal cushioning. I enjoy running fields, trails - hard pack and loose, and gravel. They do well in snow and slush as well. They have also performed well for the Tough-guy race in Wolverhampton UK and Spartan races in the States. They hose off well and dry relatively quickly. Wings have really good traction but not like the big lugs on the fell and speed cross shoes. I find the fell and speed cross to not have enough cushioning for me - Ok for running only on grass and mud but I run on gravel roads and hard pack as well and like the Wings extra cushioning. You can still feel the gravel but it doesn't hurt and hard pack is not as jarring. As a reference I'm 5'11 and 190 lbs and started running in road races and school 34 yrs ago. I wear a size 13 in Salomons although usually a 12 in everything else. I have a wide fore foot and narrow by comparison heel, high arch. The Salomons are snug enough to never be sloppy when running very uneven terrain but not too tight to ever be uncomfortable. Over the years I have become very mindful of foot strikes so I have become less of a heel striker but the wide base on the heel of Salomon is a huge contributor, in my opinion, to their stability in fields and trails. I have switched shoes as an experiment and notice a big difference. After running XC in high school and suffering severe sprains I couldn't confidently run trails again until I found Salomon about 12 yrs ago. You can't beat prices from STP - without the great deals here I wouldn't replace my shoes as often as I do. Thanks STP!! Hope this review helps someone.
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