The one and only classic

Reviewed by Nate from Boston, MA on Thursday, June 5, 2014
I worked for 3 years as an EMT in Vermont, and the SAM splint was standard issue for everyone's first-response kit. These are one of the most versatile and lightweight first aid items you can have in your pack - I recommend everyone have one, and receive training on how to use it. I've used a SAM splint dozens of times on other people, from splinting broken wrists to fractured legs. I once sprained my own ankle on a solo hike, molded the SAM splint around my ankle like an air cast, and was able to hike out with stability other makeshift splints wouldn't have afforded.
One tip - I have removed the internal frame from my own pack, and slid this item in instead. They are very lightweight.
Please don't take this review as medical advice - go to your local rescue squad and ask for some training with a SAM splint - they will know how these are used. Take an EMT course, learn more about first aid, and keep a SAM splint in your first aid kit.
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