I'm a poor judge on the subject

Reviewed by mh from PDX on Sunday, September 29, 2013
I'm not a runner, but I've been brutalizing my feet with a metatarsal fracture and a drag-across-the-pavement bike crash, and I thought I'd try to do something kind to them. I'm not sure that I have, and I'm not sure that I have not. I suspect I have to re-learn how to walk without major cushioning and arch support. These shoes have made me very conscious that I place my weight differently on each foot.

The toe box is not as wide as I expected, so I'm not feeling the vast amount of toe freedom that I expected. Is that a problem? I have no idea. Since the weather has turned very wet and stormy and the shoes are not the least water resistant, I may just move these shoes to work and pad around in them inside. That's not much of a test, I know, but it's the best I can do at the moment.
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