Love these

Reviewed by SJG from NYC on Thursday, December 1, 2016
These boots are great. They're soft where they need to be but stiff enough to power modern skis. I've got them on skis that are 86mm underfoot and the boots have more than enough power for them. I don't know how they'd handle skis with waists wider than 100mm. I find them comfortable in touring mode (I don't tour but I do skin uphill at a resort). I don't love the mechanism for the center buckle as I question the durability of the plastic "strap" in the ratchet system. I know they've been using this forever and it will last plenty long. I just prefer buckle systems like the top and bottom one that have not components that could wear out. I find the liner to be warm and comfortable. Overall, I find the boot to be light and low profile. (I replaced a pair of Black Diamond Seekers that felt bulkier and heavier without seeming to offer more power or control.) I will not comment on the appearance beyond saying that the color scheme and paint job are "different."
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