Blow the whistle.

Reviewed by ClothesHorse from Just outside Charlottesville, VA on Sunday, April 28, 2013
Scott James brand items are beginning to seem to be mis-marked. I ordinarily wear a size 50 jacket; so I ordered a size XXL thinking that would be equivalent to a size 50-52. It was much too small. So I subsequently exchanged a size XXXL. This still could not button. (Both were the Arden Seersucker by Scott James.) Then after e-mailing STP, we agreed that it would be best not to exchange for another Arden Seersucker by Scott James; but, instead, exchange for a Scott James Alec jacket XXL. This, too, was much too small. I give up. Without trying the absurdity of buying or exchanging even one more Scott James jacket, I am beginning to believe that possibly all of them are mis-marked. Too bad, too. The line has many welcome features, among which are working cuff-buttons, buttoning label, and the same fabric under the label when the lapel is turned up as the rest of the jacket. In my humble opinion this apparent mis-marking should be called to the attention of management for correction.
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