“Is this towel treated with anything, such as anti-bacterial treatment?”

Asked by Customer from Tinker Creek on 10/18/2016 7:48:05 PM
  • I don't think so, it didn't say anything about that. It dries quickly so as long as you don't leave it sealed in a bag wet, it should be fine.
    Answered on 10/19/2016 9:54:16 PM by planetclaire from tucson, az
  • This item does not list any treatments.
    Answered on 10/20/2016 8:08:29 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post
  • Thanks for the answers- glad to know it isn't treated!
    Answered on 10/20/2016 8:23:03 AM by Customer from Tinker Creek
  • It didn't say it was treated with anything, so I assume not.
    Answered on 10/20/2016 9:07:45 AM by MP_Chicago from Chicago