Lightweight & tough, odd shape though

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Paula B from Long Island, NY on Sunday, June 3, 2018
I really like this bag, it ia lightweight & tough & holds a lot. Small enough to carry in its stuff sack in my purse when I can get it in there. Necessary item for me since stores are charging for grocery bags now. Couple dings on the rating are: The color is more of a pea soup green than a lime green, color doesn't matter much to me, but it is ugly. I did not notice in the pictures that one end is bigger than the other giving it a shoe-like or wedge shape instead of a normal tube-like duffel. The stuff sack is impossibly tiny. I spend lots of time camping & stuffing gear into stuff sacks & this one is just too small. I managed to get it in the sack by zipping up the zipper first & really working on it, I had to take breaks because my fingers were cramping up...I got it finally. Shouldn't be that hard. Still like it.