not perfect

Verified Buyer Reviewed by bill from folsom, ca on Tuesday, August 9, 2016
as far as i can tell, this is the only product like it. the clamp is excellent - it is secure and tight. unfortunately, it is 180 degrees from the correct position when placed on the cockpit rim of a kayak. the tablet part does swivel, but not the way i wanted it to.
the clear plastic waterproof cover is a tight fit for an iphone 6s. what i wound up doing is drilling two holes in my kayak, mounting a piece of aluminum pipe, clamping this on the pipe, then i took a different waterproof cover and mounted it on the tablet part. this worked well. i would buy another - i have looked everywhere and cannot find anything similar. one suggestion though - you might consider buying a waterproof pouch for your smartphone and fastening it to the top of your spray skirt. this would be cheaper, and if you have a spray skirt with a mesh pouch already, might be a simple and perhpas best solution. BTW i paired my smartphone with a yahoo heart rate sensor and software - really nice for training.
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