Better than top brands at a fraction of cost

Reviewed by rygart from Seattle on Monday, May 6, 2013
So I spent over $150 for another watetproof backpack for communting to work about 6 months ago. I now realize I could have saved a whole lot of money and purchased this right away. Although there are some drawbacks, the cost ratio out weighs any concerns.
Carries 3x as much as the other brand.
Just as waterproof.
Shoulder straps are not a comfortable...classic highschool backpack straps. Not a giant deal since my commute is only 45 minutes but if you ride longer or are hiking.....
No structure. Like I said the top brand name waterproof backpack has some perks (but once again those don't trump the cost difference). The bag has no form that sits against your back. So if you have some oddly shaped items in there they can dig in your back. I am thinking of honestly just duct taping in something to the back to give it the structure. We shall see.
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