• According to Sierra Designs product description, the Flashlight 2 should come with the arch pole for the foot of the tent and two straight poles for the two peak corners. Those can be replaced by trekking poles if you want to save the half-pound of weight. Now, STP's description doesn't mention these straight poles, so it bears some confirmation from them as to whether or not the poles are included.

    As for the design, it is a single-wall/double-wall hybrid design. The roof (sloped sections on either side of the highest peak) are single wall. The sides of the tent, and the foot, are double-wall. The whole thing is sewn together as one unit. Might be a condensation problem in moisture-rich environments, but it's well ventilated so it might not.
    Answered on 2/5/2016 7:37:51 AM by dubyam from Huntsville, AL