Image says "SmartWool" on the sock - sock said "Irregular"

Reviewed by alr124 from Washington on Monday, January 6, 2014
I am so irritated - I bought these socks for my M-I-L because she wanted them for Christmas - nothing in the ad or on your site or on the image told me that these socks were "irregular" in some way, yet when they came in the mail, there it was in big bright red lettering woven right into the entire length of the sock IRREGULAR. Do you think my M-I-L wants the world to know how her bowels function??? I don't think so. I didn't have time to reorder though so I gave them to her, hoping she wouldn't notice and knowing that she's too refined to have mentioned it, if she did. Will she ever actually wear the coveted sock, considering its embarrassing wording? We will never know. Also, without removing the packaging and trying them on, I couldn't figure out what exactly was irregular about them. Is one slightly longer or larger than the other? Is there a snag somewhere I didn't see? I'm giving it two stars because I have no idea why they're irregular but the fact that they irreversibly advertise their irregularity is absolutely absurdly majestically annoying. It'd be nice if the description had stated that they were irregular, and how.
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