• These definitely go fully past the calf and to the knee (just below knee cap) for a petite 5'2" woman with moderate or average calf size. In real fit the contour is just like that shown on the photo. There's especially good stretch so I'd expect they'd most likely go to the knee as well for someone of more average height and weight. Since the weave of the cuff is especially comfortable, they might even still not be too binding if they topped off lower towards or along the calf for an even taller or heavier person. Yes, they are not only soft, comfortable and non-binding, there's nice rebound on the stretch so they stay up well too!
    Answered on 7/26/2016 2:27:54 PM by Chumsfud1 from Massachusetts
  • I suppose it all depends how long your legs are, right? For me, it comes right at my kneecap but I like pulling it up higher because I cycle with these on. And I LOVE them! And yes, they do stay up really well when I am biking, too. These are really good quality socks, and I am so happy with my purchase.
    Answered on 7/26/2016 3:16:09 PM by A happy cyclist from somewhere along the coast