Verified Buyer Reviewed by Taylor from North Carolina on Monday, May 28, 2018
I LOVE this product!! I've recently been backpacking in the White Mountains with my boyfriend, who is obsessed with wool products. After purchasing some wool socks for the trip (and LOVING them) I decided to give other wool products a try! This is my first non-sock wool product - and I love it. I wont lie - wool isn't nearly as soft to the touch as cotton is. It's a little rough and can sometimes be scratchy. I washed it with some fabric softener in cool water and hang it up to dry so as not to expose it to heat. It's still a little scratchy but I don't mind it because it isn't itchy, just a little rough feeling. However, you cannot beat the performance of wool products. I'm pretty terrible when it comes to washing pull-overs and end up wearing them at least ten times before I think to wash them - and wool is great about not carrying a smell ;) Plus it's naturally anti-microbial. It dries wicked fast - I've hiked in the rain with this pull over and it dried within 10-15 minutes on the hike while I was still wearing it! I highly recommend adding a few wool products to your arsenal if you don't yet have any!
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