Get these while you can, w/ sizing notes

Reviewed by SoCalChick from CA on Monday, December 5, 2016
I'm a convert. I have a collection of Smartwool & Icebreaker T-shirts, and now also a good variety of these 250 weight crews and zip-necks. They are addicting for a reason in that they are both very technical, and to an outdoor casual dresser, very fashionable. They are soft, but what I really like is that they regulate body temperature well. They keep me comfortable in a very wide range of temps which is hard to do as a cold natured person. Even on the damp cold days they keep the chill off without the bulk which to me is simply amazing. On really cold days I just throw a vest on over top and I can still wear a shell or heavier winter coat over that. I love the form fit but please note every different style has a completely different fit!

The circle pattern styles are VERY form fitting. They have nice long sleeves and hem but are body clinging tight. You may need to seriously consider going up a size.
The all over narrow striping patterns (Aubergine) are a looser fit but MUCH shorter in the sleeves and hem. Almost too short for me, the sleeves are just about too short.
The wide and narrow stripped patterns (Persian Red) are nicely form fitting and are long in the sleeves and hem. I love this style and fit.
Last note on sizing: I recent purchased a 2016 model solid color crew from REI in a Medium size. It is nicely semi-form fitting and long like I prefer in the sleeves and hem. Given this sizing on my initial order I selected all Mediums and they were WAY too small. I had to return the Mediums and order Larges across the board. I'm a tall and slim 124lbs with broad athletic shoulders. I typically wear a dress size of 4 and a pants size of 2-4. I was shocked I had too order the Larges but they are a perfect fit and it's the same with the 1/4 zip-neck styles too. I hope this helps.
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