• It is NOT pink as it looks in the picture. It is definitely red, like a tomato red. I wouldn't call it "bright red" because it has a heathered tone to it. Hope that helps!
    Answered on 3/13/2016 12:27:39 PM by NoNonsense RN from New England
  • The Persian Red Heather color is a deep, dark scarlet. The other website is likely more accurate. I returned because the color looked nothing like what was pictured.
    Answered on 3/13/2016 12:38:57 PM by CT Shopper from CT
  • I had gotten my daughter the blue one, so don't know what the hue of the "red" it may be. I'd actually say it looks like a deeper rose or antique berry color to me (if that makes any sense).. Personally I'd love this version of pink. Good luck!
    Answered on 3/13/2016 11:18:05 PM by Momika from Idaho
  • The Persian red is a red color.
    Answered on 3/14/2016 11:17:32 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post
  • It is definitely more pink than red.
    Answered on 3/14/2016 12:03:52 PM by PNW Hiker from Washington
  • I have no idea, since I ordered a color that turned out to be a very pretty purple. Great T-neck and warm
    Answered on 3/14/2016 6:30:24 PM by fitnessfreak from Albuquerque
  • I bought the Persian Red and also the Imperial Purple. Both are really nice colors. The red is definitely NOT PINK. However I would not call it tomato red because it certainly doesn't match the 6 tomatoes I have sitting on my kitchen counter right now (when I hold the shirt next to the tomatoes). . . . . But I held the red shirt up to a box of Stash Chai Spice Tea and would say that the shirt is a closer match to the --darker-- red colored sections on this tea box. Hope this helps.
    Answered on 3/18/2016 5:00:26 PM by Faye Valentine from San Francisco