Gorgeous, warm and soft. Hood is more striking than photo shows.

Reviewed by SJS from NYC on Tuesday, September 27, 2016
This coat is great! My winter coat of several years is a Soia & Kyo coat, and while I love it, it's a bit worse for wear—its lining is shreds, and its heavily textured boucle exterior is dingy and full of snags. It's also a size XS, which fits but also barely fits over my giant sweaters (and doesn't allow me to move my arms much when I'm wearing them).

Enter this coat, which I was pleased to see exists—and fits!—in a size Small. (For reference, I'm typically a size 2 or so—5'7", 125 pounds, thin, small-busted, with fairly broad shoulders. This coat can accommodate my bulkiest giant Icelandic sweater, but I'm also not swimming in it when I'm wearing thin layers.) It's soft, warm and elegant, its hood (like my old coat's) is a large and attractive Red Riding Hood-style one, and its pockets have a supple black leather lining that I was worried would look tacky but in fact just looks and feels very high-quality. Perhaps best of all, the coat was made in Canada.

My one concern about the coat: Its snaps. They seem a little fragile. Also, the manufacturer really should have either hidden the seams on the outside of the placket where the otherwise-invisible snaps are sewn on or else sewn unusable buttons onto those spots for aesthetic purposes, to cover the seams up.

Admittedly, I haven't tried the coat yet in a New York winter. But I did wear it over a bridesmaid dress during unseasonably frigid wedding weather, and it sure kept me warm then!