Not remotely waterproof, poor quality

Reviewed by Robbie from North Bay on Monday, February 23, 2015
Hate to make my first review a negative one, but given the general high quality of gear on STP and the demanding nature of the folks who shop here, I feel like I have to warn people away from this watch, and I would expect Soleus in general. This watch is advertised as water resistant to 100 meters, but within a month of getting one for each of my girls both failed... in the bath. If you call Soleus customer support, they will tell you that they explicitly will not honor their warranty if the watch fails because your six year old girl took a bath with it, because their definition of "Water Resistant to 100 meters" does not include bathing. The display is cheap and difficult to read (unlike a Timex), the paint indicating the button functions wears off within just a few weeks of normal use, and the buttons are very sensitive, which means that any kind of moderate hand movement will have you inadvertently setting them off. I've never had a problem with, say, Timex watches in the shower or bath (also, generally rated WR to 100m) and Timex also takes its warranty seriously - they've never failed to repair a watch of mine for the cost of postage alone. Luckily, STP is an honorable merchant, so while Soleus refused to do anything about their product, the people at STP were more than happy to take the watches back and issue me a refund. If anything, I feel bad for STP because they are paying for Soleus making a poor product, and having miserable customer support. Avoid this brand.
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