Awesome high quality fabric and fit!

Verified Buyer Reviewed by LuxuryOfDirt from Oregon on Tuesday, November 29, 2016
I have been a fan of Sombrio for many years, however their women's apparel can be difficult to find in the local bike shops, and when I do finally find it it is always full price. It's difficult to justify paying $60+ for a bike Jersey, in addition to how expensive the sport is in general haha! I really think that of all the women's biking clothing brands, this is the best quality one. I have many of their other ladies jerseys and shorts, and you can't really beat the tar out of them. Their stuff lasts and stands up to multiple wears and washings, even with tough detergents like OxiClean to get the stains and odors out.
When does Jersey arrived in the mail I was so excited! The feel of the fabric is very supple, soft, and somewhat thicker than most of the other Jerseys on the market. I have not worn it much since it is now edging on winter time and this will be perfect for spring or fall writing, but I can tell based on the ones I already own that this fabric will breathe very well. The fit is longer cut which is really nice, true to size also.

There seems to be this bizarre trend in the industry, I do not know why, but a lot of the materials used for biking jerseys made by othrr companies seem to be very low quality in my opinion. A lot of the offerings from other brands are similar to the first generation materials they used in the early 90s for work out wear. You would sweat terribly in them and they were not stretchy or breathable. There are a lot of tops out there still made of that fabric, although I cannot understand why after all these years. Many of the Dakine ones feel that way, in my opinion.

Sombrio makes cute, durable, high performance clothing that is very functional. I love everything I own from them, and let me tell you it has all taken quite the beating. I will be a lifetime customer! Also, their customer service is excellent. If anything goes wrong with a zipper or anything, they'll make it right immediately.

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