“What is the inseam on size XS?”

Asked by Jumar from Atlanta on 12/8/2014 11:50:06 AM
  • I ordered two in large.

    They are Lands End pants so you might check their website for a similar sizing in that style
    Answered on 12/8/2014 12:41:11 PM by Horse lover from Julian, Ca
  • Mine are 27" new and washed. I'm 5'2" and they fit fine. Love them for everything.
    Answered on 12/8/2014 1:44:02 PM by quasicon from Colorado.
  • 27.5
    Answered on 12/8/2014 1:54:47 PM by bouldergardengal from Portland, Or
  • No idea of the size of an XS, but the XL is about 29". BTW, these are very nice pants.
    Answered on 12/8/2014 2:21:45 PM by ohcookie from Dayton OHio
  • Sorry to say I cannot answer that. I bought an XL then L and lastly a M.The L and XL were actually the same size in length and girth. The M is probably

    abiut 16 in the real world. I am only 5'2'" and the M size is a little long for my 28" inseam. The larger sizes were about 3" longer. I have no idea about XS.

    Good luck.
    Answered on 12/8/2014 5:04:09 PM by Rainforest Dweller from Pacific NW Rainforest
  • Don't know. I've only gotten the small. No idea what color/size you got, but can say this.... OTHERS have said (and I've also experienced a bit of this) that the same size can vary depending on color. I can only say that 'USUALLY', they run big (small for size 6 - 8 is roomy). Inseam is usually in the 30" - 32" range for a small.
    Answered on 12/8/2014 8:26:15 PM by Divey from philly
  • Sorry, I answered last that the inseam was 30 - 32. The one I measured may have been the longer of colors, so say 30" to be safe. A couple have been in the 27 - 28" range, so I can only wear those tucked inside boots or lounging around the house. It's a matter of preference, I won't wear pants above the ankle. I'm 5'3" but legs a bit long for my size. But they are all super-comfy. :-D
    Answered on 12/8/2014 8:53:57 PM by Divey from philly
  • I'm so sorry, I cannot answer. I always have to shorten pants, and have already done that with this pair, so can't help you. My best guess is that it was about 29".
    Answered on 12/11/2014 11:17:13 AM by Suebean from Oregon