Nice, but...

Reviewed by LM from Ohio on Thursday, April 18, 2013
The fabric is great. High-quality, stretchy, yet substantial. My main issues are with the fit.

1) These pants are long. I got size XS, and I have to roll them up 3 times to achieve the length that is shown in the photos. But the pants don't stay rolled up, because the fabric is slippery. So if you are planning on using these pants for yoga or climbing, anything where you don't want to be stepping on your own pants, and you aren't 5'8"-5'10", you will probably have to shorten them.
2)I would say that the sizing runs too big. Stonewear doesn't offer anything smaller than XS, and their tank tops in that size fit me well, but the pants are just a bit too baggy, especially once you start working up sweat in them and they stretch.
3)the zip pocket on the side is not actually very flat, the fabric on the inside bunches up with the movement. AND, if you actually put anything into that pocket (a key, for example) the pants start sliding down under the weight of the key. IMO the pants would have been better without a pocket.
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