Yes! They are that good!

Reviewed by David W. from MA on Monday, May 29, 2017
I was intrigued by the Summit even as I passed it over twice to purchase 2 other pairs of "new tech" boots, both of which I like very much. The Zamberlan Vioz Plus is my go to winter boot and the Aku Alpina Plus is my lightweight summer boot. They are superb in their roles. I have a fairly high volume foot and my left foot is wider with a bunion so narrow boots are out of the question. Seeing the Summit in my size, I pulled the trigger. First off, they are absolutely true to size lengthwise. I've been a 10 forever and all three of these boots fit perfectly at size 10. Knowing my bunion might pose an issue, I opted for the wide and am glad I did. The interior volume and shape are perfect. The slight extra room in my right shoe is easily filled by a good sock and the laces. The other critical dimension is where the boot flexes at the forefoot. It's ideal, in fact you'd never guess this boot has such a heavy duty sole and midsole. The stride is easy enough for casual walks on trails. I wouldn't recommend for pavement though. The height at the ankle is perfect too. High enough for solid support yet not chafing at all.

Everyone gripes about the weight. No, they are not lightweight. But I grew up with 8 inch Herman Survivors with the exact same sole as this boot and probably weighing about the same. They were my everyday footwear outside the gym. When you consider the technical hiking fit these boots have they feel quite nimble to me.

So, as a fussy, boot obsessed hiker, I'm very impressed. With the right maintenance they should be on my feet for many, many years.
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