Update 2 years later from Jump on it!

Reviewed by first impression from NV on Thursday, May 16, 2013
After putting 20 days of skiing on these boots I can only say they are the best I have ever skied on. They are the classic de-tuned race boot. I almost bought another pair to store away for future use. The Diablos are very responsive and fit like a glove which can make them a bear to get on but also allows for superior feel and sensitivity. I put all the adjustments on the softest setting and like it like that. I also replaced the factory insoles with superfeet. and lastly I had the boots canted after skiing with them temporarily canted and then checked on the Dal Bello canting device before having them permanently shaved.
The boots fit like ski boots do. The same size boot as your regular shoes will feel fine in the shop. But after skiing on them 10 times the inner boot will compress and after 10 more times feel too large. I measure 27.5 and bought 26.5 which were initially a tight fit but now are perfect. This is a race fit. If you want comfort first go with the bigger size but eventually you will end up padding them up and losing some degree of responsiveness.

I also bought Blizzard Magnum 7.6 skis. Combined with the Diablos, this is a sweet combo that rips on the hardpack. Tecnica owns Blizzard and the two products work very well together. I moved the bindings back 1 cm to compensate for the ramp angle. They were noticeably more neutral after this adjustment and about right. I am going to try going back another cm and see what that does but will probably end up only 1 cm back of the recommended setting.
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