Amazing deal on a very good package!

Reviewed by Sarge from Kentucky on Wednesday, December 28, 2016
First things first, I'm only reviewing this combo because I can't believe these haven't all been scooped up. Just buy them already! These rods make perfectly good beginner combos, as well as truck rods, backup rods, loaner rods, or, if you're on a tight budget, primary rods. Regarding backing capacity, arbor size, etc., I haven't seen my backing yet this season, and I fish too much. In fact, I haven't had more than a dozen fish "on the reel", and half those didn't really justify it, but, hey, no one was watching, and sometimes it's just fun to play.

I bought this rod combo for a friend who wanted to go fishing with me. Let's just say he didn't have any bad habits. We did a some casting lessons, and then went fishing. My takeaway: if I had learned to cast with a rod as good as this one, I'd have had a lot less frustration and a much shorter learning curve.

The rod is great. The cork isn't. Cork doesn't catch fish. The reel is serviceable. The line is fine. The included rod tube is top notch.

For about the price of a good fly line, you're gonna be in business. The fish don't care what you paid for your outfit.

Spend the rest of your money on leaders, tippet, and flies. If you still have money left, thank me and go get a casting lesson or take a guided half day trip.

Just buy it already!!!
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