Excellent breathability with warming fabric

Reviewed by Sky Hiker from strumsky@yahoo.com on Thursday, December 26, 2013
There are base layers and then there are basest-of-base layers. It's always tricky, deciding, for me, so this one I'll call not a "basest-of-base layer" and can be worn as a stylish warmer layer all by itself. Its material is heavy enough to be warmer than a t shirt, not exactly "lightweight," but its breathability means that its fine for walking activity (light-to-moderate active).

I've worn it comfortably layered over another base layer in cold snowy conditions and by itself x-country skiing with windshell for rest stops. It's tight but no problem for me. Breezes and wind cut right through it, though; excellent breathability with warming fabric.

I liked the design, not too loose and blousy, the hood is practical/functional, and the hand-warmer pockets are better than nothing. Its tight fit (typical of inner layer) kind of contrasts with the hand-warmer pockets (outer layer), so I chalk that up to "versatility" rather than indecision about its intended use.

Quite nice.
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