• I have 39" hips and 30" waist and bought a large. I liked them so much I bought 3 more and am living in them this winter. They are quite stretchy and comfortable. I would guess you could wear a large comfortably.
    Answered on 1/10/2015 1:45:42 PM by Sarah A from Seattle. WA
  • The L should be sufficient, if not large . I have 39" hips and can wear the small.
    Answered on 1/10/2015 2:15:54 PM by Hiker from Montana
  • Oops! The ones I have are medium, not small as stated in my answer. Still think large would fit.
    Answered on 1/10/2015 2:19:15 PM by Hiker from Montana
  • I have 36" hips & 26" waist and small fit perfect, I can wear under jeans or snowpants & no wrinkling up. Waistband is a little on the thin side, if it were wider might be a little more comfy if you got bloat going on (been there). I was really happy w/ these.
    Answered on 1/10/2015 2:39:33 PM by Kayelle from Denver, CO
  • Hi Liz. I wear a 10/12 pants and I bought a L. Incidentally, I was out in -10 degree weather the other day and maaaaybe I would prefer a little more base layer, but that is very very extreme. I hope this helps!
    Answered on 1/10/2015 4:05:12 PM by Snowlady from Michigan
  • Hi, understood, the waist has expands comfortably, but they are snug, i havent noticed any red rings around my midsection on skin, if you know what I mean, I would go with XL, safe side, hope this helps. Sue
    Answered on 1/10/2015 4:13:42 PM by sue from va
  • Tough question, but if you plan to throw these in the dryer I'd opt for the larger size. They are quite close-fitting and not very long. Hope you enjoy them, they are incredibly warm.
    Answered on 1/10/2015 6:24:07 PM by Hajnalka from NC
  • I would guess I am about your same size. I all three colors in the large. The large fits me well (I'm usually a size 10 in pants). They are really stretchy but also fit skin tight. Personally, I think either would fit because of how stretchy they are. If you want them to be less opaque (i.e. not see through at all), go with the xl.
    Answered on 1/10/2015 8:29:00 PM by hereyago from PNW
  • To be on the safe side, I ordered a size up and they are perfect. When I opened the package, they looked like they were made for a small child...pleasantly surprised when I put them on. They are very stretchy....very comfortable....and very warm.
    Answered on 1/10/2015 9:29:49 PM by Tori from PA
  • What I can say is that I don't like overly tight clothes, even for leggings. That may be what helps you choose--do you like a little more space and give, or prefer snug? The small was too tight for me, the medium fits just right.
    Answered on 1/11/2015 7:32:20 AM by pkp from Chicago
  • I have 38" hips and 30" waist and have the medium. They are really stretchy. They look really pencil thin, but go on easily.
    Answered on 1/11/2015 7:45:25 AM by Anonymous from WI
  • You might be OK with an L since your waist is 8 inches less than mine, but your hips are 2 inches more than mine. I got these in XL, but I might have been OK with an L. The XL fits nicely with no bagginess anywhere.

    If I got an L, which I did in the "capri" version (they were almost the same length), they might be a little tight in the thigh area.

    I also expect them to shrink a little, as all my tights do.
    Answered on 1/11/2015 7:51:34 AM by Seattle from Seattle
  • My waist is a little larger and my hip a little smaller than mentioned in the query. I believe a Large would be probably be the best size. I find my leggings very comfortable.
    Answered on 1/11/2015 4:46:12 PM by Coastal granny from Oregon
  • I would guess you might be more comfortable in the XL. I'm around 37" and quite comfortable in the L, which is more-or-less a size larger than I wear in most fitted bottoms these days. I was not comfortable in the M I tried previously. Mine still have a nice degree of stretch to them, which they should have so they're comfortable for sitting down and moving around in them.
    Answered on 1/11/2015 11:49:21 PM by Diane the baker from Philadelphia
  • I would size up for comfort. I bought them in Large and I normally wear Medium (8/10) for pants.
    Answered on 1/13/2015 1:07:03 AM by STPshopper from Northern California
  • hi, I'm 5'11' my hips are 42 and waist 31 and Large is perfect , they long and warm and elastic (microfiber type) , I used under my jeans because of the low temp now and feels good :)
    Answered on 1/14/2015 5:47:40 AM by Olga from Queens , NY