Ok but not durable and not cat-proof

Reviewed by Cat Tamer from Minnesota on Thursday, February 6, 2014
When I received this item it seemed a bit lightweight, even relative to other synthetic t-shirts. Since I wanted a lightweight shirt this wasn't worrying. Turns out, I was right to worry. I've had the shirt for about a month, and the other day I picked up one of my cats while wearing this shirt. As he is carried frequently, he actually enjoys this. When I put him on the ground one of his claws snagged this shirt. There was no cat-panic struggle, no drama, no dropping, or fast movement – just an accidental snag that caught part of a thread. The result was surprising. The shirt got a 5 inch run in it across the chest, sort of like a pantyhose run. The claw pulled a big loop of fine thread right out of the shirt. I've never had another synthetic t-shirt or a cotton shirt be damaged to this degree, even when there is cat drama, and blood, and some swearing. I've had a couple of shirts end up with a small hole, but never a run. These things happen. My conclusion about this shirt is that the weave used in it is not a rip stop weave and therefore not durable. I could easily see this shirt being damaged by snags on thorns, sticks, metal burrs, or other cat-claw like things. So, if you intend to use this shirt strictly as an undershirt, or don't care that it might be damaged, or don't have any cat claws, thorns, sticks, etc. in your life, then you may be pleased. If you need a more durable shirt, spend a bit more. I'll keep using this shirt as a base layer, but am disappointed that it now looks a bit ratty after just a month.
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